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5 Reasons Renting A Coffee Machine Is Smarter Than Buying

By Craig Howells September 27, 2015 Leave a comment


Before you buy an expensive luxury coffee machine for your office, take a moment to consider the


hidden benefits of renting an office coffee machine.


1. Flexible Rentals


There is no reason to purchase a luxury whole bean coffee machine if your business is not sure they


are ready to invest in the initial purchase cost, supplies, and maintenance. Renting a coffee machine


allows you to get a feel for what it is like to have luxury coffee at your fingertips. You can rent our


machines for a day or for a year. Each rental is flexible, and there is no contract.


This makes a lot of sense for events and fund raising. Rent a machine for a day or a week without


worrying about what to do with it afterwards.


2. No Maintenance


People get upset without their coffee. When the office coffee machine breaks down, don’t let that be


on your dime. Our rentals are fully serviced by our staff of professionals. Let us fix your Coffee Works


vending machine for no additional cost, allowing you and your staff the peace of mind that comes


with knowing freshly brewed coffee is in your future.


Our rentals include cups and coffee, although you are certainly free to use your favorite mug with our




3. Affordable Options


Our rentals offer something no purchased coffee vending machine can: options. With our rentals, you


get to choose how you pay. If you want to make money with our rentals for your business or your


fundraiser, we offer coin-operated machines to help you meet your goals.


If you are looking for an affordable way to provide your staff or customers with a cup of


complimentary coffee, we have flexible payment options. Choose between paying as you go or a fixed


rate package tailored to your needs.


4. An Assortment Of Sizes


Purchasing your own coffee machine lets you choose from a wide variety of sizes and settings – at a


price. Renting allows you to try one or several different machines to see which best suits your needs.


Our rental options include desktop coffee machines like our Italy Cup, perfect for smaller businesses,


our most popular machine, the 1.5 m tall Saeco Rubino, or our largest machine, the Saeco Cristallo.


Give us a call to see which best suits the needs of your business.


5. Fresh, Local Coffee You Can Trust


Our coffee and milk might come from the finest Italian and Australian beans and cows, but our


business is proudly West Australian. As a local business, we know how important your business is to


you. We do our best to help you raise money with our rental machines or treat your employees. Our


exceptional customer service is the major difference between renting a machine and buying one.


Sure, you can buy a machine with a manufacturer’s warranty and deal with getting put on hold and


delayed service, or you can enjoy our same day service from one of our friendly representatives.

Want To Learn More?


Renting a coffee machine is the smart, economical choice. To figure our how we can help your


business get its coffee fix, give us a call today.



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