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The Secret To A Successful Event: Coffee

By Craig Howells October 27, 2015 Leave a comment


Fundraisers and events are stressful times for businesses and non-profits. It is hard to predict how


much money the event will bring in, or whether or not you will impress investors. There is one event


strategy that is guaranteed to bring in cash and support for your event: coffee.


How Can Coffee Help Your Event?


Almost everyone loves coffee. Those that don’t probably drink tea or hot chocolate. This means that


there is a guaranteed market for a freshly brewed cup of java.


Coffee is a seller no matter where you hold your event. School fundraisers, non-profits, corporate


functions and trade shows are tiring. Those who attend appreciate a little boost. Let your company be


the one to provide it with one of our whole bean coffee vending machines.


How To Make Money With A Coffee Vending Machine


We offer a variety of options for your event. Our coffee machine rentals can be set up for coin


operation. The cost per cup of gourmet, freshly brewed coffee is usually $2.00 a cup. Your business


keeps a percentage of that money while the rest covers the cost of the rental.


Our rentals come with everything they need, including cups, coffee, and milk pods. You do not have to


spend any additional company funds on your rental. If it breaks down, we come and fix it.


The best part about raising money with our coffee rentals is the taste. Each cup is freshly brewed and


each machine comes with at least 6 different choices of beverage. Your customers and staff will enjoy


not only helping out your business or organization, but also their cup of coffee. Impress your clients


with the delicious taste and affordable price of your coffee while you give them your sales pitch.


The Benefits Of Renting A Coffee Vending Machine


Coffee is probably not the sole focus of your fundraiser. Maybe you are selling tickets, advertising a


service, or accepting donations for a worthy cause. We help you focus on the important things on


your to-do list by taking care of the details.


Our coffee vending machine rentals in Western Australia are hassle free. There is no contract and you


can rent a machine for as long or short a time as you need. We service all of our machines for you,


supplying coffee, cups, and, of course, any necessary repairs. All you have to do is point your potential


customers towards the smell of coffee.


Complimentary Coffee At An Affordable Price


A good businessperson knows that sometimes you have to give a little to get something in return.


Catering with our coffee rental machines is easy. Our whole bean coffee machines serve the finest


Australian and Italian coffee beans, ground fresh for every cup.


We offer customers the choice between a pay as you go plan or a fixed rate package. Call us today to


get a plan tailored for the needs of your business or event and see how Coffee Works can help your


business thrive.



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